About Altos Digital


We’re an ecommerce agency passionate about helping internet retailers increase online sales through website development, digital marketing, maketplace services, and innovative technology.  We’ve built hundreds of ecommerce websites, including large sites with millions of product pages. We’ve developed sophisticated multi-channel automated solutions that extend products in marketplaces and 3rd party networks. We’re revenue focused, driving millions in sales and year-over-year growth for clients.

About Altos Digital Ecommerce


Our team’s primary goal is to grow your online revenue. Our staffing, skills, experience, attitude, resources, and values align around your online success.

We have an extraordinary amount of experience architecting catalog data for big complex ecommerce websites and driving online revenue. We relentlessly innovate, invest, and pioneer in online commerce.

While we’re serious about your success, we have fun too. We have fierce ping pong breaks, bring your dog to work days, a frig full of energy drinks.

The Altos Digital Team

Company Name

The term Altos, of Latin origin (altus), means high or tall. It describes a number of elevated conditions — clouds above a certain altitude; music notes at a high range. There’s a famous town in Silicon Valley, Los Altos which means “the heights”. So the company name Altos Digital references our Bay Area roots and describes capabilities that elevate your products online.

Elevated Digital

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