Does your website pass or fail mobile friendly tests from Google and Bing?

Here are links to the mobile-friendly tools supplied by Google and Bing.  Note that they test a single web page, not the entire website.

Bing mobile friendliness test tool

Google mobile friendly test

There are many other excellent tools to use as well, but this is a good place to start.

Altos Digital Mobile Friendly Test

An example of the Mobile Friendly test on Google.

below are the top 3 errors that come up in the Google mobile friendly test:

1. Text too small to read.

With mobile usage surpassing desktop usage in 2015, more people are reading on their mobile devices. The font on your website should be no smaller than 12 pt font, but 14 pt font is preferred.

2. Links too close together

When designing your site, imagine stubby fingers pressing links on a mobile device. If your links are too close together, then users can unintentionally press the wrong link which leads them down a path of leaving your site out of frustration. Keep adequate spacing between your links and users will appreciate the clean look and easy navigation.

3. Mobile viewport not set

The viewport specifies how a webpage is viewed on a mobile device. According to Google, mobile optimized web pages should have a meta viewport in the head of each page.

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