Going forward, you ecommerce website must be mobile-friendly.

Going forward, you ecommerce website must be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendliness to have “significant impact” on Google search results.

Google announced on Webmaster Central that effective April 21 2015 it is expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.  Google doesn’t always give a head’s up pre-announcement of its coming algorithm changes, so what does that suggest — it’s a biggie?  Perhaps.  The post did say that the change would have a “significant impact” on mobile search results.


It’s not a surprise move as growth in mobile internet search has exploded.  In 2014 we saw a major milestone as internet usage on mobile devices surpassed PCs.  And we saw reports in 2014 that mobile ecommerce traffic surpassed desktop.  Granted, that’s mobile browsing.  Mobile buying still lags far behind desktop.  So today, the majority of people research, discover, and browse via mobile.  But they overwhelmingly buy on their desktop computers.  But the tide is shifting there too.  Digital research firm eMarketer forecast that 2015 will produce another historic milestone: mobile search spending (SEO and PPC) will exceed desktop.


All of this mobile muscle points to a major call to action for online retailers: moving forwarding, your ecommerce website must be mobile-friendly.


Google isn’t ambiguous about saying that it strives to deliver highly relevant high-quality results – optimized on the user’s device – in response to a search query.  The time is now to get mobile-friendly with your ecommerce site.  Expect to be rewarded if you do, and punished if you don’t.